Kids Combo Course


250 NIS/Month

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A Begining Of an Endless Journey in Dance World. This journey will provide our kids with introduction of dance by offering them 2 classes per week which include modern-Ballet  ,Palestinian Folk Dance (dabkeh) ,  in addition to Zumba. This course is sutible for kids age between (4-10) who are discovering their talents ,or interested in dance world  in general.

The courses  will take place on Thursdays afternoon from 4:45-6:45 at freres Beit-Hanina   

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Ladder School


700 NIS Per Semester

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The First Glissade to the professional dance stage .        

 Our Dance School is offering a unique academic dance cirrucilium which will insure a professional dancing career to our beloved passionate dancers in the near future. The school cirriculium is divided into two section , Theortical and Practical , to guarantee fully understanding of the materials given .The practical section will be based on Classical Ballet Technique (Mixure Between Vaganova & Cecchetti Style).Besides theoritical section will inculde Anatomy, Dance History ,Music , and nutrition. We higly recommed this program for youth between the age 10-16 who are looking forward to have  a strong dancing career , or  searching for a place to adopt and develop their rough talanet.

Ps:each Semester is around 30 Classes.

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Hip Hop Courses


150 NIS/Month

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  Don’t miss the chance to shake and loose a bit .                                  

 Our Hip Hop courses is based on different street dance styles such as Popping ,Krumping,Tutting and Breaking, integrated all together to form a unique  formale that develop body cordination and strength,besides it evolve  strong persnality and performance abbilities for the participants.Every Class will be divided into 4 sections ,warming up, sequances,improvisation, and reportiary, these sections will provide our young gangsters with the techniques and character needed to bring the class materials into street and stage. The courses is designed for youth between the age of (9-20) and  have the passion to pop music and are looking for a fun-energatic courses with alternative techinque.We highly recomend combing this courses with the ladder school, since both of them complete the other,because of their major differents.

Ps: each month will contain 4 Classes, besides groups will be formed according to dance experiance and age