Desert Dream

In 2013, the group produced and performed a show titled “Desert Dream”, which was a modern dance style that infused Palestinian traditional “dabkeh” dance with modern dance. The show aimed to trigger constructive thinking based on unity and group achievements. It allowed the audience to reject deformed social habits and to break the silence. It put forward women talents with youthful enthusiasm. The performance involved more than 40 young dancers (14-22 years old). The show was performed in Jerusalem, Birzeit, Ramallah, Bethlehem, and Nazareth as well as during the cultural week festival 2014 in Kuwait.


SALAL is a full-length show that reflects the cultural and social diversity of Jerusalem throughout history. Starting from creation, Douban’s approach to interpreting common historical tales is unique; in keeping with the theme of coexistence and equality, for instance, Eve was not made from Adam, rather they were made together to form a life-long partnership. Human values and morals are critically examined through tales of Cane and Able, Joseph and his brothers, and others. The culmination of which is to show how the city of Jerusalem has benefited from its diversity and how this diversity has shaped our current identity as Jerusalemites. Through each gate into the old city, a group of dancers representing different cultures (Armenian, African, Moroccan, European, Turkish, Coptic, Kursidh) will perform dances that reflect various styles of traditional and contemporary dance, and through storytelling and movement will show how evil can be overcome when people focus on common human values and work together as a community. Choreography and music composition has already begun.