Mission Statement 

Douban Professional Dance produces and presents high quality of unique visual arts that tackle social issues faced by the community.  It aims to enhance the infrastructure of the Palestinian society through arts, found creative space that incubates artist and talents within a challenged diverse community.

Core Beliefs

We believe that arts are another way/platform for struggling and resisting (raise your voice)
We believe in the role of movement in transforming societies
We started as an individual dream which turns into group Ambition  
We believe in humanity no matters (our diverse is our milestone)
We challenge because challenge is the only way 
We never forget that our audience is our community, and our community is the reason behind our existence 





The word ‘Douban’ originates from an exquisite Persian dancing performance style, which used to be performed in front of Persian rulers on special occasions by the most professional dancers of the court. 
Douban is a specialized group that performs a variety of both local and international styles of dance. With artistic and cultural development as a core belief, the group combines the expressive style of modern dance, with classical and folkloric dance. As an integral part of the social, cultural and artistic mosaic of Jerusalem, the group seeks to tackle social issues by conveying positive messages through the production of integrated theatrical dance performances. 
Our dance troupe has a firm belief that through our commitment and creativity we can develop society to tackle local, regional and international issues. The Troup was founded at the end of 2012, by a young talented dancer who believes in the power of movements more than words in developing society and brings people together, in addition, he addressed thirst for arts in the Palestinian society that needed to be quench. Douban Professional Dance was founded as a non- profit organization that both stuff and dancers were volunteering. Douban started with 16 young talent girls and 3 compassionate choreographers and teachers. Today Douban is comprised of more than 50 committed Palestinian young dancers from all areas of East Jerusalem and the west bank who have trained together for several years. Doubandancers are still volunteering however Douban is providing them with high-quality dance education, teachers and opportunities. Yet Local and international performers have helped us develop skills and our young spirit gives the group an amazing presence. 
In 2014, the group produced and performed a show titled “Desert Dream”, which was a modern dance style that infused Palestinian traditional “dabkeh” dance with modern and Flamenco dance.  The show aimed to trigger constructive thinking based on unity and group achievements. It allowed the audience to reject deformed social habits and to break the silence. It put forward women talents with youthful enthusiasm. The performance involved more than 40 young dancers (14-22 years old). The show was performed among 3 years in Jerusalem, Birzeit, Ramallah, Bethlehem, and Nazareth as well as during the cultural week festival 2014 in Kuwait.
Building on this experience and with the help of trainers from several parts of the world, Douban Troup was able to produce their second production under the name of SALAL, which addresses the most sensitive issues within the Middle East. This performance was a journey in itself; it was capable to bring 170 artists within art field, from around the world to corporate and put their unique signature into the project, which results in unique creative performance, and music Cd.
Besides our performing company, Douban Professional Dance is providing dance Program in schools, intuitions, and clubs. Douban is now cover 12 organizations with dance lessons, and artistic support, which influences more than 890 students, and these students are our seeds for change.